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The Fantastic World of Big Bang LJ Fans
Sho - I know it's perfect
Hi! I'm selling 1 ticket for Big Bang's Special Event at Osaka on 12/29!
For those interested can message me, thanks!
Cherry Blossom
Hi there! I am selling the following tickets (total 4)

Jan 7: 2x Tickets for Standing Block 8 (6OO and 8OO number)
Jan 8: 2x Tickets for Standing Block 5 (13OO and 13OO number)

Please contact me if interested ^^
30th-Aug-2016 01:37 am - DAZED Magazine with BIGBANG PREORDER
Cherry Blossom

Hey there!

I am taking pre-orders for the upcoming issue of DAZED Magazine with BIGBANG. If you buy a single one you won't know which member will be on the cover because it's random and wrapped up. So I am taking a preorder and will try my best tp give everyone their favorite member.

1 magazine: 25 USD + Shipping

5 magazines (all member set 100% guaranteed!) 90 USD + Shipping

Please e-mail me to nuorinn@naver.com if you are interested!


nishiyama maki

Sorry to bug everyone! I recently found out I'll be in Toronto during the week of the Big Bang Concert, and was looking into getting tickets for their Canadian show. Ticket prices are pretty crazy, but it's hard to negotiate without knowing the actual prices the tickets were sold at. Does anyone happen to have the actual price list for floor/100s/balcony seats? I would be so appreciative if someone was willing to share!

Also, if there are any Toronto fans who weren't able to get tickets - I'll be purchasing 2. I don't know anyone in Toronto, so I was going to take my mum (she's heard me rant about Big Bang for years). If anyone wasn't able to get a ticket and wants to come, I'll sell you the second ticket at face value!! ^^

Thanks so so so so so so so so much for your help!

31st-May-2015 09:13 pm - Selling!!!

I'm currently selling my Big Bang stuff. Please message me if you are interested. Some prices are negotiable.

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22nd-Jan-2015 10:57 am - Moving Sale!
Cherry Blossom

Hello, I am letting go of a lot of items I collected while being in Korea / Japan with reduced prices and it would be great if you could check it out.


I posted some items on my caroussel account here
and just started posting on my ebay account here.

Please feel free to check everything ♥

Looking forward to hear from you!

10th-Jan-2015 10:47 am - SLOGAN SALE
Cherry Blossom


This is Seungri's International Fansite "RIALITY" writing ♥

We are currently selling our first slogan and other goods to raise funds for future support projects.

If you are interested in this, please check the photos behind the cut!

Thank you very much and we hope you will support Seungri with us together ♥

Slogan & Goods Sale DetailsCollapse )

Warmest regards!

26th-Dec-2014 06:17 am(no subject)
actual default
Hi! I'm letting go and selling a small chunk of my BB merch and CDs. Full list and detailed info under this cut.

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26th-Oct-2014 06:19 pm - Selling BB concert tickets!
[green] reach for the top
Hello!! I have two tickets I'd like to sell for the upcoming concert in Nagoya on 11/15 (Saturday). I'm selling them for the regular price. Please message me!

Thank you!
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