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The Fantastic World of Big Bang LJ Fans
From TOP

TOP With Cast at Tazza 2 Stage Greetings.jpg

This is a big post of TOP promoting Tazza 2 with director and cast, just because he is cute and people must see it. He was scheduled to attend more than 60 greetings, from 6 to 9 of September.

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Source: for the pictures as tagged (I uploaded the pictures on my personal Picasa account, so I'm not hotlinking), for the article mk news via bigbangupdates, for the videos UT.O.PIA, 125TV, jade871104님의 채널

Note: Unfortunately, looks like LJ doesn't permit to post a lot of pictures.
7th-Aug-2014 09:55 pm - Fan army face-off
Hello to everyone! Have you noticed this?

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