Arisa Meirin (明倫ありさ) (arisan) wrote in yg_bigbang,
Arisa Meirin (明倫ありさ)

Question: Ticket Prices for BIGBANG "MADE" Tour Toronto


Sorry to bug everyone! I recently found out I'll be in Toronto during the week of the Big Bang Concert, and was looking into getting tickets for their Canadian show. Ticket prices are pretty crazy, but it's hard to negotiate without knowing the actual prices the tickets were sold at. Does anyone happen to have the actual price list for floor/100s/balcony seats? I would be so appreciative if someone was willing to share!

Also, if there are any Toronto fans who weren't able to get tickets - I'll be purchasing 2. I don't know anyone in Toronto, so I was going to take my mum (she's heard me rant about Big Bang for years). If anyone wasn't able to get a ticket and wants to come, I'll sell you the second ticket at face value!! ^^

Thanks so so so so so so so so much for your help!

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