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I'm currently selling my Big Bang stuff. Please message me if you are interested. Some prices are negotiable.

Payment: Paypal Only
Shipping: from US via USPS

*Most of the stuff was never used and is still in the plastic. Only taken out to look at. If you have any question please feel free to message me.

Taeyang Solar Limited Edition Album - $50.00
Opened to look at. T-shirt has never been worn.

Taeyang Solar International Album - $10.00

Taeyang Solar Album - $10.00

Taeyang Solar Album (Autographed) *Not in plastic* - $50.00

Taeyang Hot album - $10.00

Taeyang Hot & Solar Concert - $30.00 *No plastic*

Taeyang Solar Concert - $30.00

Big Bang First Single - $10.00

Big Bang Bigshow 2010 Live Concert - $30.00

Big Bang - Tonight Special Edition Album -  $15.00

Big Bang - Vol. 1 Since 2007 album - $5.00

G-Dragon Heartbreaker Album - $15.00

Big Bang Vol 2 Album (Autographed) - $50.00

Big Bang Tonight 4th Mini Album - $10.00

GD & TOP First Album (Pink Bunny) - $15.00

G-Dragon- One of A Kind Album Gold Edition - $12.00

Big Bang Alive Albums All 6 - $12.00 each or $60.00 for all 6.  Does have some rust.  Seungri's version is completely sealed in and has never been opened.

Seungri's version:






Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 - $30.00

Big Bang Global Warning Tour/Taeyang Hot (Blue Version) *Still has the Daesung and Seungri paper dolls* - $30.00

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