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Hi! I'm letting go and selling a small chunk of my BB merch and CDs. Full list and detailed info under this cut.

*Payments can only be made with Paypal.
*I will ship with USPS using cheapest method with no tracking unless you ask otherwise. It costs extra now, sadly.
*Please allow me 3 days from your sent payment date to ship as I work night shift.
*Prices are in USD.

Click any image to make it larger.

Daesung - I Love You w DVD - $15
Daesung/Seungri - Shouting Musical Photobook - $10

Both sold.

G-Dragon - 2009 Shine A Light Concert Pamphlet (photobook) - $20
Bought used as well. Has marks on the outside cover and some bends where its been handled. Spine has some bends. The pages inside don't have any marks to tears. Only bends like the cover has. There's about ~20+ pages, and has its original plastic sleeve. It's very large in size length.

Beautiful Hangover Korea Version - $6
Light wear to the jewel case, inside has no problems. The only difference between this and the Japanese CD is the 'Mnet' distribution logo on the back.

Since 2007 - $3
Also secondhand. Has lots of wear to the plastic box. It's not exactly well designed and so it bends when you open it, and is a known problem. The booklet and little film pieces are great and the CD is perfect.

Remember - $7
Inside is fine. Outside case has very light wear. Booklet has slight tear from the prongs that hold it unfortunately. However, the pics inside are undamaged.

1st Mini Album Always - $5
Bend in the board near the right corner and light marks on the B in big. Jewel case has light wear but the booklet and CD have no issues.

2010 Big Show Making Book - $15 or best offer Sold.

Daesung JP Magazine Pages (double sided) - $8
These were pulled out from the spine so there's not really any scissor type cuts. Just extracted. One of the Daesung blue pages has light bends to the edge but aren't overall an issue. The purple/blue set is larger in length and the yellow one is smaller.

GD x G Market Promo Face Shirt - Asian Size "S" - $30
These are part of a limited release promotions a while back. I have never worn this shirt or washed it. It might fit a smaller sized medium as it stretches a bit. It has a plastic bendable case it comes in with the G Market logo but this increases the shipping price if you want it because it's so long. Please specify if you want this thing. It folds totally flat and can turn into a pouch-type box.

2012 World Tour Shirt - $10
Given to the $300 VIP ticket holders as a bonus. Never worn. I think it's a S or a smaller sized medium.

Thanks for looking~
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